Sunday, 2 September 2012

.....I'm just a teenage dirtbag baby like you......

Well...the plan today was to go out with the club again and drag No1 son along for the ride, but best laid plans and all that. I approached the lair of the teenage son about eight ish but was greeted with growls, mumbles, gnashing of teeth and somewhere in all that was uttered the words "later I'm tired". I'll let him off though as he's a working boy now, paying his way and everything. I was a teenager once (honest) all hairspray, checked shirts, big overcoat and the coolest pair of doc marten loafers, I thought I looked dark and moody anyway :)

After battling with No1's bike yesterday changing his cassette, which didn't want to come off and fitting a new chain and assembling home fitness equipment, I felt a bit stiff anyway. We eventually set off and headed up to Wheddon Cross so he could check the gearing out on a steady climb. We had some initial grumbles from both the bike and the boy but with some expert(!) twiddling I finally seemed to sort things out.

Worlds most expensive clothes airer
I did my usual domestique duties along the flatter bits and the first bit of the hill and No1 finally popped out from behind me and took off up the hill. A breather at the bus stop but he didn't fancy Dunkery so we headed back down the hill. I was quite surprised to find him still sat behind me when we got to the bottom as he usually gets caught up in the wind.

I was also quite surprised to see I'd done a decent time for me as I felt terrible after slightly slacking in my cycling duties lately. A slight conflict in data though with No1's phone with an I and my Garmin. His said we'd hit 50mph riding down but mine only peaked at 34mph, he's having the 50, no arguments :)

Today's strava, not far, but out and about.

Hopefully I will get to do a loop around another part of Somerset tomorrow but it all depends on the mood of the younger household teen. :)

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