Wednesday, 12 September 2012

...always take the weather with you............

I actually had someone new to ride with today as the Cycling Mayor made the trip to West Somerset to sample some hills. I've got to know Jennifer through following her blog and briefly met her earlier this year. There's a running joke between us that wherever she goes the weather follows and right on queue it did today as we set off it started to rain, uncanny. Starting with the usual slog for me along Bratton straight and then onto Porlock for a ride up the Toll Road. It rained on and off as we made our way up the toll road and the Mayor slowly pulled away from me, taking pictures as she went just to rub it in ! I was puffing a bit but I knew it was a decent time for me at least as we got from home to the top in less than hour which is a mental marker for me. Down and back up the sticky hill from Whitstone Post which was made even more annoying today with the addition of a head wind. Along the top road towards Exford but instead of dropping down and more uphill we took the turn to Cloutsham which meant downhill, which is better, even the sun came out, well for a bit. Discretion is the better part of valour and all that but the consensus of opinion was to walk through the ford at the bottom. We were already soaked through so wet feet just added to the general dampness. A bit chilly after the downhill and surprise it was raining again as we made our way down Crook Horn hill were it was decided it was best to head for home. Not surprisingly the sun came out in all its glory as we headed back to town, but I chose this way so the Mayor could have a sprint back down the straight, I even tried to be lead out man. Apart from the rain an excellent ride with a friend.

Here's the strava bit, seven pb's today :)

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