Tuesday, 2 October 2012

.......October...and the trees are stripped bare......

I had been thinking about doing a big ride and with the weather set fair I thought I'd give it a go. I woke on Monday feeling slightly rough and after a too many trips to the bathroom I set off anyway. I didn't feel good heading along to Porlock every turn of the cranks felt like hard work and any incline was a slog. As I made my way up the Toll road my lower back started to ache on my left side something chronic making my progress slow. I spun on in the hope the pain would subside as I warmed up but to no avail and to put a cherry on my misery cake I felt the rear tyre going down as I passed the Toll house. It was a slow one and I really couldn't bothered to change the tube so pumped it up turned myself around and headed off for home.

Here's the strava bit...http://app.strava.com/rides/23692605

There's a of couple factors I could put my lethargy and pain down to probably. It was the day after I've finished my night shifts so I was lacking some sleep, I like sleeping. I also spend most of my days facing backwards driving fork trucks using my left foot to accelerate which I think causes the tightness in my left side. I've found some stretches to do so will give them a go. After I got home and changed I headed down the beach with my retired friend to clear my head, which worked.

So today after stretching my gluteus maximus I set off up to Wheddon Cross to banish yesterdays ride to the bin of bad days. I felt better and pushed myself a bit more but I still had a little niggle but not as bad as yesterday. I got to the bus shelter at Wheddon Cross and looked at the dark skies and pondered if I should head over Dunkery or head back down. Going back down was the easy option so I headed for Dunkery and the pain disappeared, was it all in the mind ?

It was eerily quiet on the hill today, no walkers, no cars, just me the odd crow and some hardy sheep hiding in the heather, all I could hear was the tyres rolling and my breathing. I had that magic cycling moment spinning along, the wind on my back enjoying the view and I was feeling good :) It even started to rain but that seemed to add to the solitude and enjoyment.

Well today certainly made up for yesterday, it might not have been the longest ride but I didn't really care I just wanted to ride. Strava bit....http://app.strava.com/rides/23784729

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