Tuesday, 16 October 2012

..... stay calm and deep breathe........

I did my first competitive event ever on a bicycle on Sunday when I took part in the cycling club's annual hill climb. Yeah I know, a race up a hill ! Well it was up the first part of Porlock Toll road which I know all too well. It was a lovely sunny day but there was a definite chill in the air. We all met up at the village hall car park and gathered our numbers and start times. 11.01am second off, one minute intervals, I was dreading getting passed by everyone but in the end only two other riders passed me. I set off puffing my way up, the cold air was really affecting my lungs and by the last bend I was really feeling it as I neared the finish. 14.03 minutes for my attempt, nowhere near the quickest but not the slowest. The cold air set off my asthma a bit and I had a bit of a cough after and I wish I'd packed my inhaler, will know for next time. Sixteen of us took part in the end and the winning time was a new course record of 8.07 for the roughly two mile course. A great turn out as lots of other members came to watch and help but I couldn't hang about as I had to get home to have a siesta before my night shift !

Next year it's going to be the whole Toll road, better start getting some practice in.

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