Tuesday, 11 December 2012

....it's just another day, living here this way.....

I've tried the gym, I didn't like it, it was always occupied by muscle bound men watching themselves lift weights in a mirror ? I don't get it either. I tried a turbo trainer, I didn't like that, being stationary whilst on a bicycle didn't work for me. Perhaps if I had a spare wheel or a spare bike or someone buys me a Watt bike, perhaps I may persevere. I'm also happier in jobs where I'm on the move, I expect the Mendip Rouleur will have a word for it he knows things like that, its probably an intuitive preference or something.

Cold and icy means time to hit the hills on the mountain bike for me, you can't beat crunching along frosty tracks. There's a certain satisfaction breaking an icy puddle a bit like popping the foil on a new jar of coffee if you get my drift. I thought I'd do one of my loops in the wrong direction today so I could explore a track for a new ascent up to North Hill. Myself and my friend Bonus have been looking for a rideable ascent up to the hill so we can extend and create loops, the couple we have tried turned out to be steep push ups which is no fun.

So I wrapped up and headed up the steep road climb to Hopcott and then along the ridge past the trig point and the descent down to Bratton. I stopped to take some pics but overall I just kept riding up, really feeling good on the bike, I think I finally have fitness, it's taken some time just speed and endurance to find now ;)

A ride along the back lane to Selworthy, big puddles and strewn with debris, puncture fairy was having the day off today though thankfully. I then took the track around the back of the church up through the combe, a bit rocky but a good ascent through the trees. I managed to ride most of it but got bogged down in muddy horse and 4x4 tracks but soon got back on and before I knew it I was at the top, just need to get Bonus to try it out.  A ride up to the beacon to admire the view and it was basically all downhill to home, down the zig zag tracks to the seafront, always a blast.

Here's the Strava bit.....

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