Tuesday, 18 December 2012

.......bedshaped on legs of stone.....

I've really enjoyed riding my mountain bike recently, off the beaten track enjoying the peace and tranquillity. Today though with the weather being milder I thought I'd take the road bike for a spin to keep my hand in so to speak. I did feel decidedly tired, night shifts, seven years and they still knock me for six but it pays the bills and funds my rock and roll lifestyle ;)

I headed off up to Wheddon Cross, it felt like a struggle, heavy legs, back ache and wheezy lungs, but it was sunny and the roads were quiet. A stop at the shelter, time to ponder which way next and to get my breath back and chat to a young lad on a very shiny Trek who was out enjoying the pleasant conditions. As I was feeling crap I decided to head up the hill to the Brendons instead of the easy option of heading straight back down the hill. The aches seemed to go as I finally warmed up and it was a nice ride along the top of the hills towards Raleighs Cross. I rode down the road I rode up with the club last time out, even more muddier than last time, I think I'll save this descent for the summer. Even the back road to Williton was covered in mud, think the farmers have been out doing farming type stuff in the fields. A nice flat spin through to Doniford and onto Watchet and a breather at the marina, it's posh 'round here you know.

Last leg and up the hill out of the town and onto Blue Anchor and the last hill of the day out of there, a quick blast down the cycle path and back home. Overall not a bad ride, hills were a struggle a bit more than usual but at least I can get out there.

Here's the Strava bit......

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