Wednesday, 1 August 2012

.....wind was blowing, time stood still..........

Bonus decided it was time for a blast up and down Porlock Hill. We first did this last year when doing a organised ride with the local bike shop for bike week. Back then they decided to park at the top and do a loop down the hill and then back to the top. We thought it would be a lot more fun parking at the bottom, riding up and then blast back down, so every now and again we do :)  Bonus picked me up and we drove down and parked at Porlock Weir, breezy, sunny, rainy, aaah summer. Its not far, we go up, we go down probably about ten miles tops.

Needs a wash
That way......
We spun up off road for about two miles and then rode up the road for another couple of miles. It was quite pleasant, and we made good progress. We stopped at the top where my fan club where waiting again !

It was basically a howling gale at the top and then it started raining. It was great fun trying to keep upright in the cross wind as we headed across the moor, the rain was stinging the arms and legs like stingy things. We got off the moor quickly and made our way down the hill. We were soaked to the skin but the air was warm and soon dried out.
Porlock Mr Wet-shirt 2012
There's a myriad of tracks and Bonus was flying down all of them. I seem to have lost my downhill mojo somewhere but I'm sure I'll find it again, its probably in a drawer somewhere. Down the last rocky, rooty, wet bit and back to the Weir where the sun was out again.

We popped into the Exmoor Cooking Co for a bite to eat before heading home. If your ever down this way its worth a visit, freshly cooked food of all types. I had a coffee and a lovely slice of lemon cake and Bonus had chicken noodles in Gu Loa sauce, as you do after cycling :)

Not far, not quick but great fun, just need to find that downhill mojo again.

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