Friday, 17 August 2012

.....when you're strange, faces come out of the rain.....

I should class today's ride as a recovery ride, not because I've cycled up a mountain but went on a shopping trip with the missus and her apprentice ;) A trip on the train to the shiny shops in Cardiff, I only sought new music to listen to, all this fashion and brands stuff goes over my head. I did see a lovely purple greyhound statue but it was a bit pricey, you can't beat a bit purple in your life, I'll wait for the sale. I think I only went to carry bags and make sure the girls didn't miss the last train home.

As we seem to have had summer in March I set off into the Autumn gloom. It wasn't raining but I didn't fancy heading over the moors, it can be bleak and cruel up there sometimes a bit like life. A couple of my blogging friends seem to be going through some emotional times at the moment and the weather seems to be reflecting the mood. I don't have the eloquence like some to reflect on things but my thoughts are with them.

My legs felt like lead as I headed along to Porlock, I didn't eat much yesterday and nothing you could really class as carbs. I had to get out though, it's been a week ! Warm and breezy and no rain but everything felt a bit of an effort as I negotiated Porlock rush hour and headed down to the weir. I think the weather and Dunster Show had sent all the holidaymakers in the opposite direction and it was nice and peaceful down at the weir.

Back the way I came, a not so quick loop around Allerford and up the hill to Wootton Courtenay. Still not raining and I was finally warming up. I seem to quite like slowly spinning up hills, I don't why, strange ?

As I made my way around the hill the rain came and it was a wet ride to Dunster but I'd warmed up now and was feeling quite good. The traffic must of been bad out of town as lots of motorists had decided to take the normally quiet and narrow back road to Dunster. A couple of brushes with the hedgerow and nettles as impatient people couldn't be bothered to slow down. Back up the hill and home, soaked to the skin but happy.

Here's the strava thingy

A day for a tune like this......

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