Sunday, 13 May 2012

Pause for thought.....

Its about six months since I set out on my blogging journey to record my efforts to cycle more, weigh less and have fun, how am I doing ? In the last week I've cycled over seventy miles which a year ago would have been a major achievement for me. To be honest all I mainly think about when not turning the wheels of industry is when can I ride my bike again, obsessed, me ! After my little tumble in December which did knock me for six a bit and dented my confidence as well my shoulder and possibly the pavement its been upwards and onwards. I've joined Minehead Cycle Club and been out for a couple of rides with them, all really nice people who enjoy cycling and coffee. I rode fifty miles around the windy Somerset levels to raise some money for charity and also did the Exmoor Beauty sportive where Exmoor unleashed its more savage beauty and there's more events still to do this year.

Weight shifting doesn't seem to be happening yet but I have been told to be patient. I'm definitely fitter and riding quicker and feel thinner but still don't look like Fabian, I don't think I ever will but you have to keep trying. I think my defining moment so far was getting up the road to Raleighs Cross. I was so chuffed I didn't stop at the top to collapse in a heap which I would have done not so long back but the high kept me going for at least another ten miles before I came to a halt....and collapsed in a heap.

The biggest bonus of this blogging lark is the great people I've come into contact with who also share their views about life and cycling. The first person is Mike who lives for running and encouraging others to run, his enthusiasm is endless, you will run the Colwick Park run. Then there's the Rouleur who at the moment appears to be my motivational adviser, please read his blog especially the post about the history of the Garmin family, quite brilliant. Finally for now there is Jennifer who cycles and blogs and blogs and cycles(crap t-shirt slogan ) and writes reviews of sportives and articles for the cyclosport website. Jennifer is also sharing her trials and tribulations of her fodmap diet which she is following to help her combat some dietary issues.

I've always just been a mountain biker and would chuckle at the roadies on the darkside in their lycra and arm warmers and little shoe boots but you know what that's me now but I'm not a mountain biker turned roadie I'm just a cyclist. Hope you've enjoyed reading my blog and  please keep reading.

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