Wednesday, 16 May 2012

...must I paint you a picture......

I was feeling a bit down and somewhat grumpy and was in two minds about going out but it was sunny and the sky was blue. So after walking the hound and checking the conditions I got ready, layers, I didn't do layers today, big mistake. I just wore a short sleeve jersey and shorts and left my arm warmers behind, packed the gilet though. I made the mistake my retired friend does when she wants to lay outside, if its sunny its warm, that's not always true as we all know. I set off and soon regretted my arm warmer omission, it will warm up I assured myself, the wind wasn't too strong but it had a bit of a bite today. I took the back lane to Dunster which is a bit lumpy and warms you up but the lungs were not feeling great today even after inhaling some (prescribed) drugs before setting off. The legs seemed to be working ok though but it was colder than it looked, cold knees, I hate cold knees.
My retired friend, in the sun......
I resisted the temptation to put the gilet on as I was approaching the climb to Wheddon Cross, it would be slow going and knew I would warm up. Its a sheltered climb and one I used to do in stages but now I just keep going now my fitness is improving.
Up to Wheddon Cross
A quick break at the bus shelter and time to put the gilet on, downhill for a bit on the valley road, I was bloody freezing, goose pimples on goose pimples. I've never ridden down this way before only up and the turn off to Winsford seemed further than I remembered. On the road to Winsford, first time doing it in the opposite direction which means heading up towards Exford, nothing major though. I really like this road, and spun along in the peace and quiet, don't think I saw anyone for about six miles. My knee started to ache, think it was the cold air but I decided to head towards Dunkery, even saw a doe or was it a deer? Its amazing the height you gain going up to Dunkery but you don't really feel it, its a nice climb(!)
Views to Quantocks and Mendips
I stopped for a break on the hill but not for long then headed down, it was too cold to enjoy the scenery.

I thought I'd do my little loop around Bossington mainly in the hope of seeing alpacas but no luck today then headed for home. A nice spin along the newly surfaced road and then up the last little hill and a blast along the straight.

Distance:33.39 mi
Avg Speed:11.4 mph
Elevation Gain:3,218 ft
I was glad I rode today but wasn't feeling the love, a bit like riding on auto pilot. Perhaps it was my sartorial errors or because I was on my own but I still posted my quickest climb up to Wheddon Cross. I'm now going shopping for leg warmers, not the woolly fluorescent ones !

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