Wednesday, 23 May 2012

On an island in the sun we'll be playing and having fun

No faffing today, shorts, jersey and a smile was all I needed as I headed out into sun. I huffed and puffed as I headed along Bratton straight and as I reached the end I couldn't help but notice that Exmoor had disappeared. The nice lady doing the weather had mentioned fog but there was no sign of it at home, it was hiding, waiting for me. As I dropped down past Holnicote I was enveloped by cold misty air, no arm warmers, no gilet I just hoped it was only down here and not covering the rest of the moors.
Missing moors...
My fears were short lived, as I got to Porlock the sunshine was back and I headed for the climb of the Toll road, something of a favourite of mine. I picked a gear and span up but took it steady I didn't fancy overheating. The lower slopes are tree lined and shady before you reach the exposed bit at the top.
Toll road
As usual it was peaceful with only the odd car even the squirrels were taking it easy today. It was so nice spinning along in the sun. The gradient eases as you leave the tree line but the top bit feels a bit of drag sometimes especially if you're tired.
View back down...
A quick drink in the shade at the top and then for a bit of cyclocross to cut out the sticky uphill bit. The track  has dried since I last rode this way and is probably smoother than some of the roads around here ! Across the moors in the sun and down to Exford, quick stop at the bus stop for a drink then up the hill on the road to Wheddon Cross. This was when my planned route went out of the window. I came across a sign telling me the B3224 was closed and advising of a diversion, I was on the B3224, which bit was closed? A bit miffed I decided to head out to Winsford which is a nice compromise anyway. Its a nice fast road through the valley but I had a close call with Mondeoman who was driving on the wrong side of the road. I expect he was re routing his sat nav or having a meeting on the phone in his air conditioned tin can.
The road out of Winsford
I got to the valley road and headed up to Wheddon Cross. My legs were feeling a bit heavy, I think my laps with eldest on the previous two nights were taking its toll now. I was glad to get there and stopped and bought something fizzy to perk me up. I also found the roadworks, on the road up out of Wheddon Cross.This road takes you up to the Brendon hills, the way I was planning to go so the detour was worth it in the end. Down the rapid descent to Timberscombe and on through Dunster taking the back road again to avoid the traffic.

Distance:35.60 mi
Avg Speed:11.8 mph
Elevation Gain:3,386 ft
Another good ride and I noticed today my back and hips didn't ache like usual. Could I be developing muscles or even getting fit ! Today's blog title was inspired by something someone tweeted today and this song is one I really love.

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