Saturday, 26 October 2013

.........I can't drown my demons, they know how to swim.......

After last weeks pity party I thought the best way of expelling the demons was to get back on the bike and go and ride up and down some hills. I've done okay this year, lost six kilos from somewhere and slowly got quicker so I really should stop feeling sorry for myself. 

Like a fool I believed the weather app, sunny all day, yeah right, should of known better, good job I dressed a bit better than last week, layers!! Wet roads and a headwind on the way out but felt good I even tackled some little lumps in the big ring to try and push myself a bit. I even managed a good time up the first hill of the day. A blast down the valley road, rough and flooded in parts, if any team needs any practice for next years cobbles on the tour just ride along here, think I've still got my fillings. I was going to retrace some of last weeks ride but thought better and headed to Dulverton via Exebridge, the river was flowing well even before the weather rolls in. Shopper dodging in Dulverton, look before you cross the road please, quick breather and then up the hill to the moor.

I like this hill, I'm a bit odd like that, a steady spin up through the trees with the river flowing beside you and then onto the exposed moor. I like it up here, windswept but beautiful, I think someone once wrote  "It’s pretty even when it’s ‘orrible out there, albeit in a bleak and statuesque fashion"  A nice tailwind up Winsford Hill but the descent was a bit dodgy as said tailwind became a strong crosswind threatening to take my front wheel away, soon down though. A nice descent down to Winsford sheltered by the hedgerows now, rain in the air now but I was enjoying myself so didn't really care.

All what was left was to retrace my earlier bit back up the valley road and the descent down from Wheddon Cross, always a blast but caution needed with the wet surface and debris.

A cracking ride, felt really good and felt good about myself which is important.

Strava bit.......

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