Wednesday, 10 July 2013

....and curse at the wind.....

As the crow flies its only twenty nine miles to Axbridge but sadly I'm not a crow or can fly which is a shame because it would help save on petrol. I was visiting Axbridge to go for a spin with Jennifer who had a plan, mapped it out and everything, to go looking for Gromits'. The route planned was a bit lumpy and Jennifer wasn't feeling the need for hills today and has blogged about all the detail. Jennifer is suffering with what she has described as subtle Endometriosis, it doesn't sound very subtle, if she was in pain today she hid it very well and was her usual cheery, smiling self ;)

It was nice to ride the straight Mendip roads in the sunshine, views and everything and visited Wells, took some pics. Apparently I ordered the wrong coffee, I must have missed that rule ?

Still can't work out how we did a loop and had a headwind all the way around, must of been creating turbulence with our speed ;)

Here's the Strava bit........

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