Sunday, 20 January 2013 is a tale of the trees in a wood......

Does riding your bike have to have a purpose or a meaning ? I read in a magazine once that Big Maggy only rides if a ride serves a training purpose of some kind. It may have been taken out of context and he's also a pro so cycling is his nine to five and we all get bored of that from time to time. I always seem to read about people doing taper rides or recovery rides, do we have to give a label to a ride ? If the weather is really bad I just don't ride but if it's too rough for the road there is always the mountain bike. I've said before I don't like gym's or static trainers but I know people who use them to help them with their overall fitness.The more I ride the fitter I'm getting so every ride could be classed as a training ride. I got too wrapped up in stats last year and took a step back, I wasn't enjoying the ride and that's the most important thing to me. I ride my bike to enjoy the freedom, the surroundings, the company and the sense of achievement if I do a big ride or get up that hill. So go and ride your bike and enjoy it !

Today I went for a quick blast with No1 son, no GPS, no Camelbaks(other water carrying bags are available) no strava just me him the bikes and the snow :)

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