Sunday, 29 January 2012

Baby its cold outside....

After watching last nights forecast I was expecting the second ice age this morning but was pleasantly surprised to wake to a frost free dull day which more importantly meant dry roads and the wind was having a day off to, perfect day for cycling then. So with several layers applied me and No1 son set off early to enjoy the quiet roads of a Sunday morning. This was the first time No1 son and I had been out for ages, my shift pattern doesn't allow for too many weekends off so any opportunity for some Dad and lad bonding has to be jumped at. With the alleged threat of snow in the back of my mind and No1 suffers with the cold I thought we'd avoid the high hills, I didn't fancy a problem on the top of Exmoor if the weather did close in.

We headed off along the coast to Porlock Weir to gauge the conditions then make up the rest of the route from there. It was cold but we were wrapped up and after the initial perambulations of Bratton straight I did my best Big George impersonation and sheltered No1 from the cold air as we sped along the flat bits towards Porlock. We headed down to the Weir but once again I was struggling with an aversion to any incline, No1 would pop out from behind me and spin off and then I would catch him on the descent. After a quick break at the Weir we decided to head across to Wootton Courtenay and went around the houses a bit to add some miles to the ride. Theres lots of little ups and downs and No1 was attacking every hill with gusto dancing on the pedals like Armstrong, leaving me to puff and wheeze behind in my one man gruppetto.

After a quick breather in Wootton Courtenay watching a large group of mamils speed by we headed across to Timberscombe, even I tried to attack one hill, I nearly beat him, but youth beat me this time. Onto the main road and I was back in front again sheltering mini Lance as we headed towards Dunster. The elements where starting to take their toll now even with my overshoes my toes where heading towards numbness, I think No1 was ok though ! We took the backroad out of Dunster and one last hill, my legs were frozen by my domestique duties but No1 once again tore away from me and disappeared into the distance.

According to the training guide in my cycling mag this week I only should be riding for an hour at a high cadence on a flattish route but wheres the fun in that, a cycling fairy once said you have to ride for two hours anyway or its not worth it, I agree ;)

Distance - 22.4 miles
Time - 2.00(33secs)
Avg speed - 11.2mph
Elevation gain - 1924ft

We had a great ride today and what pleased me the most was watching the boy attack the climbs. If I asked him who Pantani was he'd probably think he was a footballer or a posh sandwich but he said something today that made my heart sing. After complementing him on his hill work his response was " I hate hills, the quicker you go up them the quicker they are over" Pantani said something along those lines too....

Io amo la montagna, ma nel momento della fatica ho dentro un grande odio, Cosi cerco di abbreviare la mia agonia.

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