Friday, 13 January 2012

Mr Blue Sky...

It was cold today, but the sun was shining the sky was blue and the wind was just a mere wisp. I wrapped up and headed out avoiding the big hills of Wednesday's ride with the aim of heading east along the coast. The cold air rasped my lungs as I headed out along Bratton straight, I definitely ride better in warm weather, perhaps I should pop to Mallorca with Team Sky for some warm weather training. Its pretty flat along to Porlock and the road is quiet this time of year, tourists are few and far between. I wasn't spinning as freely as I was on Wednesday and any gradient needed some effort, I could list a number of excuses but hey excuses are excuses, it was my third ride this week after a month off perhaps my legs were just a bit tired, no excuse though. I rode onto Porlock Weir usually bustling at other times but today it was peaceful.
A quick turnaround and back towards Porlock, I had intended to cut across country to Timberscombe but my legs felt leaden so I thought I'd take a flatter route home, but that idea went out the window when I decided to ride up to Selworthy and its pretty church and stunning views, it was a struggle but I made it, just.
Its a nice spot up here with one of those views you could just sit there and look at all day. It would be even nicer if you could sit here with a coffee or a cream tea but again everything was battened down for the winter.
I carried on along the back lanes from the church, a bit muddy this time of year but not too bad and back to Minehead. I did a quick loop of the town to add some bones to the ride, a spin up and down the seafront not a stag or hen party to dodge and no middle age women throwing up in bins it was quite a pleasant place to be. So that's sixty miles this week after a month off the bike, not too bad

Distance - 20.3 miles
Time - 1.49
Avg speed - 11.2mph
Elevation gain - 1635ft

I'd like to thank my big brother for his photographic tips and my mother for making sure the sun was shining down on me today, thanks Mam :)

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