Sunday, 8 January 2012

Searching for mojo....

So, with determination, pain killers and a bit of trepidation I set off alone to search for my lost mojo after my brush with tarmac back in December. No1 son was due to come but the previous nights bravado of lets ride up to Dunkery Beacon was replaced with teenage tiredness and the lure of xbox, he had been up early to do his paper round so I cut him some slack.

I decided to ride the same route I was doing the last time I rode to help me banish my inner demons. As soon as I clipped in everything suddenly felt right with the world, I was back on my bike. I set off at quite a pace along the A39 and was soon suffering as I hit the first climb out of the back of Carhampton. I had that dizzy, sicky feeling coupled with being too hot by wearing too much. A quick stop to stuff the buff on my head into my back pocket and onwards along the seafront at Blue Anchor up the next hill past the pub but my Planet X overshoes were not coming off, toasty. I took it easy and spun up the hill, looking over towards where Dunkery should be all I could see was thick mist, good choice going this way. A quick spin through Watchet and onto Williton stopping to take a quick pic for JT along the way.

3 little pigs
It was then back onto the A39 and home, not my favourite road but its pretty flat with just a headwind for ten miles the odd idiot in a 4x4 and avoiding cycle paths. I was knackered and blowing a bit and as I approached Minehead I could see what the wind was blowing in, good timing.

Distance - 19.5 miles
Time - 1.32
Avg speed - 12.7 mph
Elevation gain - 1154ft

The shoulder is a bit stiff but no pain no gain right ? I was huffing and puffing a bit and taking it steady on the downhills and at times it felt like I was cycling through treacle, but I was on my bike, mojo found ;)

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