Friday, 17 May 2013

....I get knocked down but I get up again.....

Whilst watching the Tour Series cycling the other night, one rider was out all on his own when suddenly his back wheel seized up and his race was over. It puzzled me as to what caused it and the commentator never enlightened us but five minutes into my ride today I discovered how.

I was moping about and in two minds about riding, it was cold and dull but I thought if I ride things can only get better. The ride did not start well, changing down the gears to go up a short hill before I hit the main road my chain decided to do a hop, skip and a jump and passed my last sprocket and wedged itself behind it. I was standing up clipped in and doing about 1 mph and over I went, crash, bang wallop. Luckily I mainly landed on my more than ample derriere which would probably give Beyonce a run for her money ! I did feel like petulantly throwing my bike in a hedge and waiting for my team car to bring me a fresh bike. That was short lived as I neither have a team or a spare bike. The chain was well wedged but I managed to free it, twist and turn things and all seemed to work again. I'd grazed my elbow and my hip was a bit sore and I did contemplate crying and going home but fuelled by adrenaline and wounded pride I kept going.

Once on the move all seemed okay and the gears were behaving themselves. I headed up the Toll road again, I've lost about two kilos or so lately and the air is a bit warmer on the lungs and I felt really good spinning up the four miles to the top. Turned right at the top and headed for Devon, in the sunshine ! Last time I went this way was on the Exmoor Beast, it was not sunny, it was slightly wet and blowing a gale. It's a lot nicer riding this way in the sunshine though, views and everything.

If you did the Beast, this was the view behind the rain ;)
I made really good progress before hitting the descent down Contisbury Hill, long, fast with a short steep bit at the bottom, even more fun on a dry road but watch for sheep !

Contisbury Hill
A quick stop at the bottom and then on up through Watersmeet, another nice steady climb. It's one of those climbs that keeps on giving, about six odd miles with the top bit on the moors included.

Up through Watersmeet
It was over the moors and up and down through Simonsbath and Exford and onto Wheddon Cross and a quick stop for something fizzy. All downhill from here with some nice new tarmac at the bottom of the hill.

So glad I decided to ride, a great route which hopefully I'll do again soon with some company?

Here's the Strava bit......

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TrevorW­čÜ┤ said...

It never ceases to amaze me how even a dull day can brighten up when you get out for a ride on the bike....minor falls excepted of course.