Wednesday, 14 November 2012

.....I’ll Take These Storms Away, start a brand new story.....

I had the pleasure of the Cycling Mayor joining me today for a spin around Exmoor, Jennifer is just coming back from some enforced rest, which must have took some forcing for a bit of a cycling addict. I won't go on about her problems just read her blog, I'd hate to start sounding like a stuck record, you remember those, black discy things and you had to put a ten pence piece on the top of the needle to stop it jumping.

Things looked a bit dodgy when she arrived there was even a hint drizzle in the air, layers applied off we went. A scenic spin through the grounds of Dunster Castle and onto the road to Wheddon Cross and we soon warmed up and the sun came out. A quick stop to remove layers and on up the hill, I promised nice hills today and the climb to Wheddon Cross is, nice surface under the autumnal trees. I puffed my way up as usual though, I felt good, no aches or pains today so the stretches I'm doing must be working. A breather and a chat at the bus stop and then the second nice climb of the day over Dunkery. This must be one of my favourite ups, apart from the loopy horse, nice and gentle and outstanding views a far as the eye can see and only the odd idiot driving too quickly. A quick descent off the hill but the wonderful colours of Cloutsham Ball were a welcome distraction and the descent down Crook Horn hill was relatively clear of mulchy leaves but a bit slippy at the bottom. A quick spin through the villages and then the blast home once I'd puffed up the last little hilly bit. A really good ride out with good company on a rather nice day.

Here's the strava bit...

No pics today but I expect the Mayor will have some on her blog so read that one too :)

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