Tuesday, 6 March 2012

....So much to do, so much to see So what's wrong with taking The Backstreet?

Well it was sunny and warm at home, but a couple of miles down the road the sunshine was hiding and I was a bit worried my choice of attire was insufficient for the ride, should listen to the cycling fairy more and apply more layers. After a near miss with an old dear in Porlock, the green cross code man really needs to pay them a visit or is it a little hedgehog now ? Anyway I soon warmed up again once I started the ascent of the Toll road. I was feeling a bit sorry for myself and lacking a bit of motivation, I really need to find a ride buddy who rides midweek but I worry about my lack of speed. My dark mood wasn't helped by my lower back giving me a bit of jip but as I reached the halfway point where I more than often stop for a breather I gave myself a mental kick up the arse and kept going, amazingly my back stopped aching, a quick stop for a pic and I spun on, riding at a steady pace I cleared the treeline and as my mood lifted so did the cloud.

A quick stop at the top to apply my windtop, I did pack one layer, and onto Whitstone Post and back up onto the road that takes you across the moor. This road seems to be made of a strange material, its like riding on treacle, well it is for me, it must be an extra hard gravel mix to beat the elements its not the smoothest rolling surface at all. I made a detour to my usual route today and headed off to explore Wellshead road a road I'd never been down before. When I used to do this on my mountain bike when out with No1 he would always ask why do we get lost all the time, we were never lost just exploring new routes.

There was actual tarmac on this road and it was flattish and straight and I made good progress, the only downside was that I had not worn my overshoes and my feet where numbing up quickly as I made a rapid descent down towards the road that would take me to Exford. It got a bit dodgy down the bottom, think I know why its called Wellshead as water seemed to be gushing out onto the road from all sides.

It was quite pleasant when I got to Exford out of the wind, a breather at the bus stop and the spin up the hill out of the village. I dug in and spun up dismissing any thoughts of bailing out then hit the fast descent to Luckwell Bridge another climb out then decision time. Do I ride to Wheddon Cross and take the easy way home or do I ride up and over Dunkery. I'd planned to ride over Dunkery and stuck with the plan, the legs were aching a bit but its one of my favourite spots to ride. The sun came out and I spun up in the warmth it afforded, I do like riding up this way, the views are fantastic, you could see for miles today. Another cracking descent down to Luccombe and onto home.

Distance:31.53 mi
Avg Speed:10.1 mph
Elevation Gain:3,729 ft
Look at that elevation gain, think I'll call this the hilly ride, slow but most of it was spent going upwards :)

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