Thursday, 22 March 2012

........some days I need to bury the very depths of me.........

I always plan a ride but that plan never takes into account my mental state when I get up in the morning. I work shifts and although I enjoy three and a bit days off a week and throw in an extra day of overtime ( I need to pay for my rock and roll lifestyle somehow) sometimes it catches up with you and today I felt knackered and a bit wheezy,  mentally. I did the usual routine of walking the hound to check the conditions, it was hazy but sunny and there was a bit of a chilly breeze but I still felt tired. I searched for some twitter motivation but to no avail, I think everyone else was out riding or working so after a cuppa and a banana I got changed and changed again, thinner layers, there was a threat of this being the warmest day of the year, yeah right !

I stuck to the planned route, through Dunster and onto the road up to Wheddon Cross and I was going along quite nicely, the body was willing but the mind was fuggy. I took my wind top off at Timberscombe and hit the climb, a nice and steady spin interspersed with temporary traffic lights and impatient drivers who I vented my frustration at, this made me feel better no end and as my fuggyness lifted the sun came out. It was breezy at the top so wind top back on and a new road to explore. I headed out and down to Luckwell Bridge and onto Exford. I've ridden this way in the opposite direction going down so riding up it made it feel about twice as far but I spun up, the legs still feeling ok and as I approached Exford I turned off onto the road to Winsford. I've never ridden this way before but the road was straight and flattish and really quite nice, wooded hills both sides and nice farmhouses.
Road to Winsford

Through Winsford and back to the A396 which must be like riding on the pave in Belgium, rough as a badgers arse but I noticed signs for the road past Bridgetown was closed so hopefully resurfacing is on the way. Back up to Wheddon Cross for a quick breather, the legs were starting to ache, and onto Dunkery. Due to the direction of the wind today, in your face, the climb up and over Dunkery wasn't as nice as usual and the haziness didn't allow for any nice views towards the Mendips today but the descent was as good as ever even though I lost all feeling in my feet by the time I got to Luccombe. Onto home, headwind on the straight back to Minehead but nevermind, I'm glad I got out and rode, I'd only be more grumpy if I hadn't.

32.3 miles
Max Speed30.6mph
Avg Speed11.1mph

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