Wednesday, 15 February 2012

its getting better all the time................

As a creature of habit I did one of my usual routes today, as with most of my routes it involves going up and coming down, think theres a pattern emerging somewhere ? It was cloudy but dry and warm out of the wind, I wasn't really feeling the love as I rode up to Wheddon Cross a combination of a snotty nose and sore limbs from painting the bathroom and assembling flat pack furniture the day before I think. The road seemed quite busy and as I got to Wheddon Cross all came apparent, it was the annual bus tours to Snowdrop Valley, a bus trip to see the er...snowdrops, very pretty apparently if you like that sort of thing.

I seemed to have avoided the wind on the way up and it appeared quite calm at the cross but it soon found me on the slopes of Dunkery Beacon, in my face on the road up but thankfully I dodged it a bit as I went through Dunkery gate and made my way up the hill. It was cloudy but you could see for miles along the channel, I've taken the pic before so I kept on riding, even the sun popped out to make me even warmer, always a nice view though. The wind had been hiding and hit me on the descent, buffeting me as I made my way down and chilling me to the bone for good measure, the shoulder stood up to the task though and I even rode over the cattle grid at the bottom which I'd wimped out at last time out.

A quick spin through Bossington and Allerford and onto home, a few good stretches of flat stuff to get the big ring spinning, just over two hours, not too bad.

Distance:22.52 mi
Avg Speed:10.7 mph
Elevation Gain:2,237 ft

Today's ride was five minutes quicker than the last time I rode, improvement ? you live in hope ;)

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