Sunday, 19 February 2012

The airs too thick...

It was sunny and there was a bit of a breeze as No1 and I set off for another rare Sunday ride, the wind was cold though and the tramp along to Porlock did little to warm us up. We had not ridden up the Porlock toll road for a quite a while so thought we'd give it a blast today, I was struggling from the start and No1 doesn't like slow uphill so he shot off like a Schleck and left me wallowing on my own. He did wait at half way but soon shot off again when we resumed, I was struggling, I think the cold air on my less than perfect lungs was taking effect. I met up with No1 once again at the top and we made our way to the road that would take us along the top of the moor.

It was bloody cold up here, and we made slow progress along the top, the wind seemed to be buffeting us from every direction. We headed down to Cloutsham, the descent making us even more colder, I think No1 lost most of his extremities as we made our way down. He wasn't to impressed with my choice of route either, I think it was a bit too agricultural for him, its nice in the summer though. He was even more impressed when we had to cross the ford, its only water.

A Ford
A Grumpy Teenager
So we made our way to Webbers Post, a couple of young Stags graced us with their presence running across the road and down through the trees too quick for me to to take a pic. Another downhill through to Luccombe and onto home, No1 was sitting behind me now, I think the cold was too much for him. I thought we might have had a tailwind on the home straight but I'm sure the wind had changed direction.

Distance:24.99 mi
Avg Speed:9.6 mph
Elevation Gain:3,009 ft
Whilst watching the excellent cycling on the telly I learnt something new today. The super new velodrome is a controlled climate, apparently cold air is thicker than warm air so no cold air from outside is not allowed into the arena. Warm air makes the cyclists go quicker, so that's why I was so slow today, the air was too thick ;)

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