Thursday, 14 March 2013

......and I'm so glad I'm not in school.......

I think my mojo has nipped off for one of those sunshine breaks, kicking back on a Balearic Island, drinking Mojitos and generally living la dolce vita. I've been moping about feeling sorry for myself for no real reason and freezing my bits off especially during one particularly cold and windy night at work. I've been reading with interest the blog of the Velopixie who's story is well worth reading about, losing six stones or eighty five pounds or for you metric lovers about thirty nine kilos in a year ! His last two posts have detailed what he's done to achieve what he has, including the bike, the training, the nutrition and the attitude. He has a plan, a structure and the attitude, I have a bike, no plan and to be honest the attitude of if I ride my bike more I should get better. This has worked up to a point but I'm at the point now where I don't think I'm getting any better and have reached a plateau I can't seem to move on from. As for structure I just tend to go with the flow.......dude.

'Er indoors told me it was icy as I hid under the duvet but after a stroll with my retired friend to check out the conditions I decided to head out, I even wore shades, it was sunny! Wind in my face as I headed out today so should get a brownie point off teach for that when I see her again*grin* Up the Toll road again, it was like my own private little road today, I didn't see a soul all the way and actually felt stronger as I neared the top and tried to put a bit more effort in. Over the moors in the sunshine, still icy in the shade and still the remnants of snow in the verges, I even did the steep kicker bit at the bridge, I like that bit.

Down to Exford again but this time out to Winsford, a chance to turn the big gears on a welcome flat bit and then up the rough valley road to Wheddon Cross. I thought I'd chuck in the climb over Dunkery for good measure, it was nice, why not ?

The legs hurt but after 4000ft of climbing perhaps they should, this must be one of my favourite loops, its got the ups and the downs and good bits in the middle.

Here's the Strava bit.....

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