Friday, 6 July 2012

'I'm freezing charlie - haven't ya finished yet?'

A ride with Bonus today, Bonus cam equipped, a last hurrah before we go back to work. I don't know about him but my energy levels improve no end when getting regular sleep and not burning the midnight oil, funny that. We rode up North Hill as I did the other day, busier, lots of young people with back packs probably doing some kind of award scheme, one of them waved when he saw Bonus cam. We then headed down Lynch combe and through the woods to Allerford down a nettle lined track, ouch! A quick splash through the ford at the bridge and then onto the bridleway to Horner.

Bonus getting his feet wet
The track to Horner had thankfully been cut back but it was hard going, the soft ground churned up by horses. A quick spin down the road and cake break time at Horner tea gardens. We decided that the recession must be hitting because we are sure the portions of cake were bigger the last time we visited.

Coffee and cake.....
It was then up to Webbers Post which was a bit of slog. Again the ground was soft under the trees and its very popular with horse riders resulting in a muddy push for a bit. The last little bit was on the road which was a bit of a relief even with chunky tyres.

A sign...
More backpacking teens impressed with Bonus cam as we got onto Dunster path, one of our fave bits of track. It skirts the lower slopes of Dunkery Hill and is what the magazines might call technical because of the rocks and other hazards. It also offers nice views down to Dunster and over to Selworthy.

North Hill and Selworthy in the distance.
Its my first time negotiating this on the hardtail bike and its certainly different when you don't have five inches of air suspension cushioning the rough bits. I made it though and we headed down to Brockwell and the orange mud.

Orange mud...
A quick blast on the road through Wootton Courtenay and onto the climb up Wootton Hill. It's says it's a mile long but I'm sure it was longer. It was a case of who broke first, I was waiting for Bonus to stop and it turned out he was waiting for me, gosh, competitiveness whatever next. I'm sure he stopped first but I was glad he did. A quick breather and we finished the climb, again I was feeling quite good.

A sign and a bike
It was all downhill now and we decided to ride our new fave downhill bit. We have a habit of naming certain tracks and today Bonus christened it "Readers Wives" after he witnessed some goings on the last time we rode it. Bonus was recording the stats today as well as recording some footage but I think we did about 18 miles. Its a shame we are still riding boggy tracks in July but it all adds to the fun. The blog title was taken from a poem today, get me all cultural and stuff.

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