Wednesday, 7 December 2011

To the end and back...

I didn't go far today the wind wouldn't let me. The wind was blowing hard in these parts and the thought of riding the main roads with winds gusting up to 30mph didn't really appeal. I decided to ride the hill which forms part of the Minehead landscape, North Hill, about five miles long and exposed to the elements but low on traffic this time of year so basically I was doing a five mile hill climb, into the wind, I hate hills, and the wind ??

I wound my way up past the church and up the hill, the first initial climb of about five hundred yards is sheltered but I knew what was around the hairpin bend. The wind hit me like a brick wall, I always struggle at the start of a ride as my lungs need to warm up and this climb was only about five minutes in. I was struggling to catch my breath, the wind was strong, I started getting dark thoughts about turning around and heading back down. I had to stop, my lungs were screaming for air, I didn't feel good, they always go on about power to weight ratios in cycling, I'm all weight and no power, I was beginning to get angry with myself for being a useless fat prick. I carried on, the wind wasn't going to beat me, I'd done the steep bit and the hill was undulating to the end.
I hit the first little downhill section about halfway along the hill, pedalling down it I was just touching 8mph, downhill, even the Exmoor ponies who reside up here were running in the opposite direction using the tailwind ! I was glad I wasn't riding some exotic carbon steed with fancy lightweight wheels it would have been blown away. I carried on knowing I'd be using that tailwind on the way back. I got to the end and stopped to take a pic. I could hardly stand, the wind was so strong.
I didn't stop and admire the view, I had that tailwind to play with. As soon as I turned around it was pushing me back towards Minehead, the roar was replaced with peaceful calm. It was still a bit sketchy heading down, the road meanders its way along the hill and the cross winds were a bit scary in places, so glad this wasn't the main road. I did a quick spin along the seafront, with the wind at your back you get a really good feeling. spinning away, some would probably call it karma or nirvana, then you turn around and realise it was mother nature giving you a push, oh well.

No stats today, too embarrassing :(

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