Tuesday, 15 November 2011

A Quick One

Thought I'd get a quick lap in, it was cold but it was dry but I felt the need to get out. Its my morning off before night shifts but it had to be done. I did my lap around to Wootton Courtenay and back. Its not far only just over eleven miles but its got a bit of everything for a short route. I did my usual skirt around Dunster and onto the road to Timberscombe, it was lovely this side of the hill, sun on your face and sheltered from the wind. Dunkery was shrouded in mist as I went past the church and around the bend to point me back towards Minehead. It was a tad chilly this side though as the wind whipped around the hill. It was unsually busy, a couple of delivery vans slowed me down around a couple of the bends where I normally push it a bit wide to get some momentum. Onto Bratton straight where I had the pleasure of battling into a headwind, pushing the big ring I was struggling to get over twenty you can normally hit the mid thirties comfortably down here though but not today.

Distance - 11.2
Time - 55.18
Avg speed - 12.2 mph
Elevation gain - 1132ft

I've done this route six minutes quicker than this. That's two routes in as many days I've done six minutes quicker. I don't if it was the chill on my lungs or the headwind or the different gearing on the Trek or I'm getting to hung up on stats. At least I'm out and pedalling. interesting point though, the same route according to garmin as suddenly gained about 170ft in height since I last rode it, bloody technology.

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