Saturday, 19 November 2011

Another Quick One

Couldn't get out until after two today as I spent the morning ferrying the daughter to her footy match at Wells, well at Wookey because that's their home pitch, disappointed I didn't see Chewbacca though. After the joys of driving there and back it was in, kit on, straight out, no stopping to collect two hundred pounds, stuffed some malt loaf down and set off. I didn't think I needed to eat, it was only going to be a short one and I've got enough fat in storage to fuel me. I decided to have a quick ride to Porlock and back, there is some relative flat bits to get some speed and rhythm going. I still don't feel that comfortable on the Trek, I might have to check my angle of dangle and other technical stuff again.

I think my inner roadie is now out fully out, why is it some car drivers think they have to squeeze past you as your going up hill and as for that big red van who slowed down as he passed me and then missed a gear, concentrate on your driving, another motorist probably checking me out in lycra.

So it was there and back and I managed to hit 32mph going down Bratton straight, I said it could be done.

Distance - 11.33miles
Time - 50.32mins
Avg speed - 13.4mph
Elevation gain - 788ft

I was going to title all my blog entries with song names and then I realised the Cycling Mayor was already doing this, she's my inspiration I don't want to nick too many ideas off her ;)

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