Monday, 25 June 2012 take the photographs, and still frames in your mind.....

I went for a ride with my little boy today because as of next week he will be a man, working, getting paid, the full caboodle. He's basically finished school now apart from the Prom, we never had proms think it was more a case of good riddance. As I've got a couple of weeks off and he's off we thought we'd catch up on a bit of cycling. Let's hope there's never a euro championship for weather forecasting because I'm afraid we'd be crap at that to, we'd put up a plucky effort but in the end fail miserably, or go out on penalties. Sunshine and light winds, try overcast and a bit breezy but warm down at sea level.

We headed out to Porlock and the toll road, a couple of impatient drivers did annoy me but I do get a bit protective when I ride with kin. Last time I rode up this way I did feel a bit crap, I put it down to some dodgy chips and nerves. I was ok today and we seemed to make our way up at a decent pace, well for me anyway. We avoided the off road short cut today and did the sticky hill bit from Whitstone post which honestly wasn't too bad.
A sign, no sun :(
Along the top of the moor where I seemed to be attracting more flies than a dead badger, must go quicker. Down to Exford where the road known as the Tunnel was very wet, summer eh ! We stopped at the bus stop for a breather then did the loop to Winsford back up to Wheddon Cross. I was advised to try and up my cadence which I've been doing and I think it does work. My legs were feeling it a bit though as we made our way up the last bit to Wheddon Cross but No1 did say he thought we went up quite quick. A stop for something sweet and fizzy in the shelter, and to pick off a tick, then down the hill to Dunster.
My little boy........
I tucked in and tried to get as aero as a chunky bloke can and nearly hit forty on the way down, think its the quickest I've been down the hill yet. No1 wasn't too far behind I think his confidence is building when descending.

Distance:36.95 mi
Avg Speed:12.0 mph
Elevation Gain:3,607 ft
I think that I'm slowly improving and according to Strava I did my quickest time up the toll road. It was only by about twenty seconds but it all counts !

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