Saturday, 23 June 2012

.......the hills and the fortune got me fooled again.....

Summer's here or that's what the calendar is indicating this month. Work, weather and a football tournament for youngest child has curtailed my riding and blogging lately. I've been out for a couple of short spins but nothing major and was itching to get out on a bike after what seemed two very long days and equally long damp nights at work. I fancied some peace and quiet and decided to go for a ride on the mountain bike. Before I went anywhere I popped down to the local bike shop to sort a out a quicker rolling rear tyre, the tyres that came with the bike are a bit too buzzy for me. After drooling over the shiny bikes I picked out one of these and headed back home and fitted it.

I headed up to North Hill one of my regular routes, up the coastal path bridleway, muddy under the tree line and onto the top. It was a bit breezy but once I was away from the car park and the dog poo(!) I didn't see a soul.
View from a hill....
I headed down Lynch Combe, a narrow track with a drop on one side, really good fun, concentration is key.
Lynch Combe
There's a bench at the bottom, a nice spot to stop and admire the view.
A bike, a view and a sign....(for JT)

Through the trees and trails to Selworthy and onto the back road to home. I didn't really go that far, about ten miles or so but I just wanted to ride. It was quiet for a weekend which made it even more enjoyable, just me and the bike and I got home before it started raining again. I guess sometimes it just nice to be out on your own with your thoughts. Oh and I was singing this song to myself........and I was somewhere in that crowd, happy days.....

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