Monday, 17 October 2011

Mid Life Crisis

You know how it is, you reach that age, see that birthday photo and you suddenly realise you are a fat bastard. I exercise( a bit),not had a drink for months and don't eat that much to be honest but guess what, I'm still what you'd call chunky. In an attempt to shift the lard I signed up to my cycle to work scheme back in May and got myself a road bike. I've always ridden mountain bikes but its more of a social sport. You ride up to the top of a hill, have a breather, take the piss, chew the fat then blast down the next hill. You do about 10 miles and then I'm knackered. Road riding is different it makes me want to try and push that bit harder, give myself more of a workout. I've already put in a few 30 mile loops around the hills of Exmoor. Where I live there's no flat, its up and down so I've got all the ingredients to assist me in shifting the fat. I found out the other day that I'm a MAMIL, that's middle aged man in lycra, apparantley its all the rage. I love my bib shorts they work like those spanx that women buy to tuck the wobbly bits in.

I did my first sportive back in September, the Cheddar Cyclosportive. 64 miles in 5 hours 21 minutes, not bad for first time I thought. I don't know my average speed etc because I forgot to charge up my garmin, just finished two night shifts and got up after 2 hours sleep to watch the Tour of Britain so my thought processes where a bit addled. Anyway great event, friendly organisers, loads of nice things at the feed stations but shame about the bloody weather. I rode on my own for 64 wet, windy miles and had dark thoughts at about the 50 mile mark but then the sun came out and lifted my mood.

I've invested in a Trek 1.2 and given my CTW bike to No1 son, I need a ride buddy, it gets a bit boring on your own I need someone to help with that push. he loves riding, and leaves me on the uphills(skinny little shit)

I'm blogging to help me record my thoughts, stats ups and downs on my mid life crisis to lose some weight, its cheaper than a sports car!

Weight 85kg

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