Wednesday, 20 August 2014

To Hull and back..........

It's not all cycling, sometimes I have to leave the bike at home which possibly maybe might be a good thing. A few days away up North seeing family, cooked breakfasts and a couple of nights of sampling craft beers made a pleasant change. I've lived where I am now for longer than my place of birth. I like visiting the old place though, the familiar accent, the old haunts, I think when you're a kid you don't appreciate the history that surrounded you so I took the opportunity to remind myself. The Wilberforce House exhibition is excellent, very thought provoking. The small volunteer run Trawler centre detailing the history of the industry, the loss of life and the lives of all involved also touched a nerve. Seeing pictures of where my dad grew up which were basically slums we need to be truly thankful of what we have in this modern age. I missed the tour of the actual trawler though which was a shame maybe another time.

Wilberforce monument
I've always liked the 'Old Town' area and apparently the city has Quarters now it's nice to see the local authority trying to market it a bit better but some of the newer areas of the city are looking a bit tired I just hope the City of Culture thing leads to some revitalisation. I even managed to drag the girls to one of the old pubs for a bit of a history lesson....and a pint.

Always nice to visit, always nice to come home, when I say home, is that where the heart is or just your bike? I'd like to think I'm a sort of dual nationality now, part Yorkshireman part person from Somerset if they have a name, Wessex Boy?.....answers on a postcard.

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